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Propagate Words That Unite Not Divide

True teachings are not contradictory or antagonistic. Such teachings only impart universal welfare. We should always propagate words that unite not divide.

Tolerance is essential for the peaceful pursuit of both spiritual and material advancement.

Sri Krishna tells Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita,
‘To but one goal are marching everywhere all human beings, though they may seem to walk on divergent paths. That goal am I’. (Gita 4.11)
Mere tolerance is just level one and when we show respect to diverse thoughts and ideas we are taking tolerance to the next level.  

We are increasing our knowledge and wisdom when we respect and study the diverse thoughts and ideas.

Vishnu Dharmottara Purana says,
 ‘He who listens to all the words of dharma, he who reveres all the gods without intolerance, and he who has conquered prejudice and hatred, obtains the favour of Vishnu.’
Separatism, difference, intolerance, prejudice, narrow-mindedness …and other such divisionary mind set only causes misery, torture, hardship, suffering, wretchedness and total destruction.

We fight over the outward differences, without realizing the sameness of the inner Truth.

He who has not realized truth sees division. People who cannot accept diversity are driven by power, lust and selfish motives. Such people are weeds and if not plucked out in time they will destroy the entire humankind.

Know that one truth is expressing itself in various men in various ways. There is only unity – a single unbreakable thread runs through all animate and inanimate.