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Mud Pot Gives Important Health And Vastu Benefits – 8 Benefits Of Clay Pot As Per Hindu Religion

As per Hindu religion beliefs, mud pot provides numerous important health and vastu benefits. It improves health of an individual and also keeps out negative energy from home and shops. The water in the mud pot always has the ideal temperature irrespective of the climate outside.

  1. The most important benefit of having mud pot is that it keeps out all kinds of negative energies.
  2. A clay pot in home is considered auspicious as per Hinduism.
  3. The clay pot should never be kept empty, during summer season it should always be filled with water.
  4. During winter and rainy season the clay pot should be filled with grains.
  5. The popular belief is that a well maintained and regularly cleaned pot attracts divine energy.
  6. There is a belief among many Hindu communities that clay pot filled with water will attract Goddess of wealth. Such homes will never have to worry about food and money.
  7. The clay pot in the house should always be kept in the northern side of the house.
  8. Ancient Hindus were well aware of the alkaline nature of clay. Water from pots was used for drinking as it had the correct ph balance.
Keep a plastic bottle filled with water outside and a clay pot filled with water. The plastic bottle water will heat up releasing numerous chemicals. But the water in the clay pot will be cool enough to quench your thirst.

By drinking water from clay utensils and avoiding plastic we will be doing a great service to Mother Earth. We Hindus worship nature and our ancestors did not do anything to harm Mother Nature. But we modern Hindus have forgotten the valuable lessons of our great forefathers.