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Kavya Ushanas Story - Symbolism Of Regeneration

Kavya Ushanas was the Guru of Asuras. Devas gained in strength by performing yajnas. Thus, they were able to defeat the Asuras. The story of Kavya Ushanas is associated with the story of regeneration.

Kavya Ushanas decided to propitiate Shiva.

He performed an intense austerity unheard in the universe. He hung himself upside down from a tree.

Right below was a huge fire pit. Kavya Ushanas breathed only smoke for thousand years. Such intense austerity moved Shiva.

Shiva who was aware of the intention of the sage appeared before him. But before he could ask something, Shiva swallowed him.

Kavya Ushanas tried to escape but Shiva closed all the openings in his body except the penis.

The sage came out through it and thus he acquired the knowledge of regeneration.

After this incident, Kavya Ushanas came to be known as Shukra.

Shukracharya got the know-how of the Mritasanjeevani mantra through the incident.
With this mantra, Asuras became powerful.

Shukracharya was able to revive the Asuras that were killed in the battle with the devas.