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Kabir Amritwani in English – Sant Kabirdas Words of Wisdom

This Kabir Amritwani in English is a collection of words of wisdom of Sant Kabirdas

I have been thinking of the difference between water
and the waves on it.
water's still water, falling back,
it is water, will you give me a hint
how to tell them apart?
Because someone has made up the word
‘wave,’ do I have to distinguish it from water?
There is a Secret One inside us;
the planets in all the galaxies
pass through his hands like beads.
That is a string of beads one should look at
with luminous eyes.

O friend, hope for Him whilst you live, understand whilst you live; for in life deliverance abides.
If your bonds are not broken, whilst living, what hope of deliverance in death?
It is but an empty dream that the soul shall have union with Him because it has passed from the body;
If He is found now, He is found then;
If not, we do but go to dwell in the city of Death.

The river that flows in you also flows in me.

Whether I be in the temple or in the balcony, in the camp or the flower garden, I tell you truly that every moment my Lord is taking His delight in me.

Do not go to the garden of flowers! O friend! Go not there; In your body is the garden of flowers. Take your seat on the thousand petals of the lotus, and there gaze on the Infinite Beauty.

If you want the truth, I will tell you the truth: Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you.

All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop.

Mind bird flies here and there
Tasting mundane pleasure
As long as the knowledge falcon
Has not taken it over.

Same is the semen, skin, urine
Same is the blood and bone
From single source we all are born
How one is a Shudra, the other a Brahmin.

We all hail from the same land
And reach here on earth
Touched by the winds that blow here
Each pursues his own path.

You cannot get the Lord
If your heart is impure

He who controls and cleans his mind
And makes its meditate on the Lord
He again becomes as simple as a child

Harsh word is worst of all
Burns its target to ash
Sweet words is like heaven’s nectar
It pleases, cools, dose not harass.