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Hinglaj Mata Story

Hinglaj Mata is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti and her story is directly associated with the actions of Parashurama Avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that she protected Kshatriyas when Parashurama was on mission to wipe them out.

Hinglaj Mata Appeared From A Part Of Forehead of Mata Sati

Hinglaj is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in Hindu religion. As per scriptures, brahmarandhra – a portion above the forehead of Mother Sati had fell on earth after the infamous Daksha Yagna incident in which Sati, wife of Shiva self immolated herself while her father Daksha who insulted Lord Shiva. 

A grieving Shiva wandering with the corpse of Mata Sati caused imbalance in the universe. In order to save the universe Lord Vishnu with his sudarshana chakra cut the body of Sati and wherever the parts of her body fell, they became great energy centers - a Shaktipeeth .

The original Hinglaj Mata temple is situated in Balochistan on the banks of Hingula River. 

Hinglaj Mata Murti is always covered with Hingulu or known as Kumkum thus she came to be known as Hinglaj Mata or Hingula Devi.

Another legend also says she slayed a demon called Hingol at this place upon the request of her devotees and came to be known as Hinglaj.

Wrath Of Parashuram And Goddess Hinglaj Mata

Parashuram had promised his mother Renuka that he will kill Kshatriyas by roaming around the world 21 times. This was to avenge the killing of his father by a Kshatriya king. During his mission, Parashurama entered the kingdom of King Ratansen. The king was terrified and worried about his five wives who were pregnant at that time.

King Ratansen took refuge in the Ashram of Rishi Dadhichi. Here his five wives gave birth to five sons. They were named Jaysen, Vishal, Bharat, Buddhiman and Chandrashal.

But King Ratansen who once went out in search of food was killed by Parashuram. Rishi Dadhichi now brought up the fatherless children.

Rishi Dadhichi initiated all of them in Vedas, rituals and us of weapons. The five sons of the king later came to be known as Brahmakshatriya – as they followed the lifestyle of Brahmins and Kshatriyas.

Rishi Dadhichi told Jayasen, the eldest of the brothers, to worship Mother Hinglaj as only she could protect them from Parashurama.

Jayasen performed intense Tapas and Mata Hinglaj gave him darshan. She taught him a powerful mantra which will protect them from Parashurama.

Jayasen and his brothers returned back to the kingdom of their father. When Parashuram learned about the return of the Kshatriyas, he arrived to fight them. Jayasen immediately chanted the mantra and to his surprise Hinglaj Mata appeared before Parashuram and asked him to stop his mission as he had wiped out all those kings who followed the path of Adharma (evil).

Parashurama promised Mother Goddess Shakti that from that moment onwards he won’t harm Kshatriyas. 

After this incident Hinglaj Mata became the patron deity of many Kshatriya clans in Rajasthan, Gujarat , Maharashtra and other places in India.