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Bhagavad Gita Is Not Only For The Old People – It Helps An Individual In All Stages Of Life

If someone asks whether the knowledge of Gita is for the youth or for the older generation, then the immediate answer is “for the old people”. But, actually this is not the right answer or perspective. This wonderful, uncommon and extraordinary knowledge of Gita is only meant for those who have dedicated their lives for achieving highest goal in the life that is beneficial to themselves as well as others.

This helps such determined people to move steadily on the path of victory. We rarely find people who take up challenges in old age, but our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi is an example of such rare people. He took the mammoth task of achieving independence for India at a very old age. A copy of Bhagavad-Gita became an ornament in the hands of such world renowned personality. During all difficult and challenging times, he used to refer to Gita to get solace and direction. However, such people are rare, but in common man’s life, achieving targets or goals happen in youth and middle age. Therefore, we can conclude that the knowledge of Gita is indispensable for the youth with no exception. The reason for this fact can be understood by the following explanation.

In our life there are six stages and we pass through all of them. Taking birth, stabilizing, growing, producing results, dwindling and death are those six stages.

Old people are in the fifth stage of their life, whereas the youth are in their third stage.
They are in the stage of learning and acquiring skills or knowledge for the future. When they become well accomplished in this third stage, one expects best performance or achievements in the fourth stage.

Intelligence helps the youth to perform in this stage of life. The knowledge of Gita sharpens the intelligence and avoids the influence of mind on the intelligence, thereby allows the youth to move on the path of success.

In this way, Gita shows profound effect on the important stages of one’s life, namely third and fourth stages.

When Arjuna, the great warrior, got perplexed about his duty and action because of the confused mind, the knowledge of Gita not only put him in the right perspective of the whole situation, but also made him achieve thumping success. Thus, Arjuna became celebrated as “Vijaya”.

The entire life is ahead for the youth. Hence, to achieve success with the power of intelligence and lead a life without any anxiety, Gita is the only practical guide as evident since time immemorial.

Excerpts from an article titled “Gita for complete success in life” by Dr Vaishnavanghri Sevka Das in Saptagiri June 2018 issue.