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Untade Maruti Mandir Pune – Hanuman Temple At Rasta Peth

Untade Maruti Mandir at Rasta Peth in Pune is a famous Hanuman Temple. The name of the temple is unique – ‘Unt’ means camel. It is believed that the camel cavalry an army division of the Raste, a feudal family, had established the temple.

The temple is located on the Mudaliar road and is a quite big temple, mainly due to families in the region donating for the development of the temple. He is the guardian deity of the region.

 The murti of Hanuman worshipped in the temple is about 9 feet tall and it faces west. Hanuman is depicted as kneeling on his right knee. The left leg is folded and is firmly on the ground. The left hand is resting on the knee. The right hand is in Abhaya mudra – protector of his devotees. The tail rests near the left feet. 

Tuesdays attracts hundreds of devotees to the shrine.

The most important festival is the Hanuman Jayanti festival.