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Our Ambition In Life Should Not Destroy Nature

The real purpose of life is nothing. Just live and go away without harming nature. But in the name of purpose of life or ambition in life and to achieve that elusive something we have converted ourselves into beasts and destroyed nature.

Just live naturally and when it is time, just leave without creating much difficulty.

This talk of returning to source and bettering ourselves are all nonsense. Instead of that plant few trees and take care of them. Do not hurt another living being for selfishness.

If we can look at all living beings without discrimination that itself is more than enough. But are we able to do that. We are taught from the day one to discriminate between people in the name of … (this is a never-ending list).

In the name of awareness, achievements, glory, pride… We are plundering and destroying Mother Nature. We have left nothing for the next generation not even good air and water.

Is there is any purpose of life – it is to be nothing. In this way we will not destroy and ruin what little is left of Mother Earth.