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Wednesday Offerings and Prayers in Hindu Religion for Betterment of Life

Wednesday in Hinduism is dedicated to Budh Navgraha. The day is also associated with certain Shakti forms of Mother Goddess. Here are list of offerings, pujas, rituals and prayers in Hindu religion performed for the betterment of life.

Health – Donating kitchen utensils to poor women will help in finding relief to health issues.

Education – Students and those wishing to perform well in exams and interviews should wake an hour before sunrise and chant the mantra ‘ सुदिनायै नमः’ 11 times. Students should immediately start studying after chanting the mantra. This will help in achieving success.

Wealth – To solve financial problems, offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi and offer moong (green gram). Later put it water for an hour or more. Feed this to a cow. This will help in solving debt related problems.

Family – For welfare of family members and for peace and prosperity, keep a Tulsi plant at home on Wednesday. If there is a Tulsi plant at home worship it and water it. Then, plant trees on the day in unused areas.

Profession – Use green color pen and other stationary items on Wednesday to see change of luck in career matters.

Love and Romance – Applying a small amount of mehandi on the right hand will help in desire fulfillment of matters related to love and romance.

Marriage – Wear a combination of white and green color dress on Wednesday for early marriage. This will also help in solving marital problems.