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To find true love we need free our soul from all kinds of attachments

We fall in love, make friends and get into a relationship in places where our ego is satisfied. Such relationships are nothing but merely an extension of our ego. Initially, the other person also responds to the ego as the person also finds the arrangement comfortable. Then one day one of the people in the relationship realizes that there is something beyond the ego and comfort level. Soon the love and relationship turn sour. Love dies.

Happiness because of possessiveness is not true joy. It is also not true love. It is just a refined form of fear. Happiness from possession is filled with the fear of losing what we have. We always remain alert so that no one steals our possessions. We waste our whole life and energy guarding love and wealth. We need to discover bliss which can never be taken away from us.

To find true love and wealth we need free our soul from all kinds of attachments. True love is liberation or moksha. When we allow the soul to fly, without any limits and obstacles, it reaches its true destination. Limits and obstacles are the products of our ego and ignorance. It hampers our journey towards bliss. What we call moksha or liberation is truly bliss. It has to be achieved here on earth.

True wealth is inner wealth and it cannot be taken away from us.

Happiness resulting from ego and selfishness is not real happiness. The little freedom and little happiness we get from it will soon turn into bondage and misery. Happiness nurtured out of ego will always have fear in the background. Fear of losing all that is earned. These small happinesses are really chains that tie us down. They stop us from soaring towards bliss.

Those lucky few who are able to drop all the chains and soar up in the sky dance in ecstasy. We call them mad. Actually, they are overjoyed. They are soaring toward bliss. They have broken the chains. The wisdom of self-realization has given them wings. They have discovered the unfathomable treasure of bliss. They have opened it. A wealth will never be finished. There is no end and beginning to this wealth.

In a state of fearlessness, there is creativity. There are new things. There is a new discovery. This is the reason why the greatest minds on earth all have been indifferent to society.

The day we are not afraid of losing whatever we have we are going to unleash our true potential.

People often wonder how Sanatana Dharma is able to withstand all kinds of onslaught for centuries. The main reason is that it is creative. It finds new paths to reach the Supreme Truth. It is not dependent on a scripture to know the way to God. Hinduism gives or rather only shares ideas and thoughts with people through its scriptures. The path to God is to be created by the devotee. It is because of this creative freedom to know God that Sanatana Dharma survived all onslaughts and it continues to flourish.