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Shivratri Puja 2025 Time

Shivaratri puja is held during the night of February 26, 2025 and early hours of Feb 27. Some people opt for the Nishita Kala to perform pujas and rituals. All pujas and rituals are completed before Amavasya (No moon) starts. Detail Shivratri puja 2025 time is given below:

Nishita kaal puja time is from 12:08 AM on February 27 to 1:00 AM on February 27 (most important pujat time) This is during midnight.

Puja is to be performed four times on the day.
  • Morning 
  • Noon
  • Pradosh period (1.5 hours before sunset)
  • Nishita kaal puja
Chaturdashi tithi time is from 11:09 AM on Feb 26 to 8:55 AM on Feb 27.

Some people perform four pujas on Chaturdashi tithi and the time are as follows:

First Prahar Puja – 6:21 PM to 9:25 PM on Feb 26
Second Prahar Puja - 9:26 PM on Feb 26 to 12:35 AM on Feb 27
Third Prahar Puja - 12:36 AM to 03:40 AM on Feb 27
Fourth Prahar Puja - 3:41 AM to 6:49 AM on Feb 27

It must be note that the whole day of Shivratri is dedicated to Lord Shiva. People visit Shiva Temples from the early morning hours of Shivratri. Most important pujas and rituals are held at night.