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Sarvajna Quotes

This is a collection of quotes of Sarvajana, a great saint in the Veerashaiva tradition in the 16th century in Karnataka.

All humans have similar organs, then how can you separate them into various castes, sects and groups.

All of us live on the same earth, drink the same water, and in the end are consumed by the same fire, then what is the basis for family tradition and lineage.

A donkey even if it rolls on and smears itself with ashes does it become a saint? One who is not aware of his Self, even if has smeared himself with ashes, is no better than a donkey.

Do not be misguided by the shaven heads of false ascetics, follow and be guided by the true Guru who has realized Self.

There is no need of matted hair or poojas or rituals. For one who has realized his self, if he is committed to truth that is enough.

There is no god greater than food, none can survive without food, perform food donation and save the lives of the hungry.

An ox goes round and round grinding oilseeds in an oil mill throughout the day. Its labor is futile as that of one who goes on pilgrimages, without ever realizing Shiva, who resides in his own heart.

Give up pride and learn from all to become a person of true wisdom.

Do not waste your time praising and glorifying religion and religious texts. There is no great religion than one's own experience.

If a fool makes fun of a knower of truth, it is not loss to the knower of truth. A dog barks at an elephant passing by.

Difference of opinion and debate with a jnani is as pleasant and as sweet as tasting jaggery. The same with a fool, is as dangerous as hurling stones at each other.

(Liberty has been taken to give additional meanings and words while translating to get the exact meaning intended by Sarvajna.)