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Importance of Shukla Paksha Dwitiya Tithi in Hinduism – Second Day of Waxing Phase of Moon in Fortnight

Shukla paksha dwitiya tithi, or the second day of waxing phase of moon in a fortnight, is of great importance in Hinduism. The day is dedicated to Chandra, the moon god. Staunch Hindus who follow important rituals in Hindu religon observe Chandra Darshan on the day.

Chandra, also known as Som, Sudhakar and Sudhanshu, is one among the nine planets or navgrahas in Hindu astrology. Sudha means amrut (elixir), honey, and fluid. Thus he is associated with water. The real elixir on earth is water. Another name of Som is amrut and jal (water). As he lights up the night sky, Chandra is also known as Nishapati.

Chandra is associated with 16 kalas. These 16 kalas are known as tithis. On Shukla Paksha Dwitiya Tithi, Chandra makes his appearance after Amavasya and hence people observe Chandra darshan on the day.

It is believed that on Shukla Paksha Dwitiya tithi, Bhagavan Shankar (Shiva) is close to Gauri (Maa Parvati) and therefore it is easy to please Shiva on the day.

The day is ideal for performing Shiva puja, Rudrabhishek and Parthiv Poojan.

Having darshan of moon and performing puja is highly auspicious.

Having darshan of Chandra after Amavasya will help in having a peaceful and incident free life. One will be blessed with good intelligence and alertness. People suffering from various kinds of mental problems including depression will get relief after offering prayers on the day.

Those suffering in life due to the bad positioning of Chandra Navgraha in horoscope will find relief after offering prayers.

Mental problems, depression, problems and difficulties in the mother’s life, loss of wealth and debt are due to bad positioning of Chandra Navgraha in janam kundli or horoscope.

Worship of Chandra will help in alleviating all problems associated with the graham.

On Shukla Paksha Dwitiya, see your image in a vessel filled with water. Later offer this water to Chandra - by pouring it down by looking at the moon. This is will provide relief to problems associated with the mind.

Offering argya to Chandra with milk mixed with honey on the day will help in controlling anger.