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Hindu Mantra to Overcome Depression

If you are a Hindu and believe in the power of mantras and chanting, the ideal mantra to overcome depression is to Chandra mantra. Chandra, the moon god, in Hinduism is associated with mind. He along with Shiva should be worshipped to overcome depression.

Hindu Mantra to Overcome Depression

श्रीं चंद्राय सौम्यजनकाय नमः
Shreem Chandraya Saumyjanakaya Namah

How to Chant the Mantra?

  • The ideal day to chant the mantra is on Monday (somwar) and a full moon day (purnima).
  • Chant the mantra when moon is present or after moonrise in the region.
  • Wear white color clothes.
  • Sit in meditation looking at the moon.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times.
  • Study Bhagavad Gita daily for 10 minutes. Use a simple translation of Bhagavad Gita.

If you wish to:

If you have white shivling at home then you can perform abhishek on it using mustard oil. This step is optional.