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Durlabh Sandhi Kar Yog 2024

Durlabh sandhi kar yog (दुर्लभ संधिकर योग ) is a very rare yog (auspicious short period of time) in a Hindu calendar and panchang. It is believed that actions and auspicious events performed during the time period of Durlabh sandhikar yog will be successful.

दुर्लभ संधिकर योग June 2024

from 10:32 PM on June 27 to before sunrise on June 28

दुर्लभ संधिकर योग August 2024

till 6:13 AM on August 21
from 7:54 PM on August 28 to before sunrise on August 29

दुर्लभ संधिकर योग October 2024

till 7:36 AM on October 9
till 6:39 AM on October 23

There are no Durlabh Sandhikar Yoga in January, February, March, April, May, July, September,  November and December 2024.