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Durlabh Sandhi Kar Yog 2021

Durlabh sandhi kar yog (दुर्लभ संधिकर योग ) is a very rare yog (auspicious short period of time) in a Hindu calendar and panchang. It is believed that actions and auspicious events performed during the time period of Durlabh sandhikar yog will be successful.

दुर्लभ संधिकर योग May 2021

from 4:57 PM on May 5 to before sunrise on May 6

दुर्लभ संधिकर योग September 2021

11:49 AM on September 1 to before sunrise on September 2

There are no Durlabh Sandhikar Yoga in January, February, March, April, June, July, August, October, November and December 2021.