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Difficulty in Finding Job – Try These Tips as Per Hindu Religion of Success

If you are finding it difficult to get a job and there is constant failure in job interviews then try these tips based on Hindu religion for success. In spite of good qualification, many times we fail to find the right job.  Instead of blaming on bad luck, adopt never say die attitude.
  1. Prayers should be offered to Ganesha before leaving the house. A small Prasad should be offered to the Lord.
  2. When going for interviews keep a red color cloth in the pocket. Wearing light color dress is also helpful. The reason is red attracts positive energy.
  3. Prepare for job interviews in a room, which has yellow or blue curtains, or walls, which are painted yellow or blue.
  4. Feed seven different types of grain to birds in the morning.
  5. Take a lemon and four cloves. Insert the cloves on the top of the lemon. Chant the mantra श्री हनुमते नम: 108 times. Keep the lemon and clove in the bag that is taken for interview.
  6. Mirror in the house should be place in the northern direction.
  7. When coming out of home for interview, always keep the right leg outside first. Take sugar mixed with curd before leaving the house.
  8. On the day of interview, take bath in water mixed with haldi (turmeric). Then offer prayers to Ganesh and Surya.
Please note that the above said tips are not substitute to hard work, single-minded focus and determination. Use the above said to change your bad luck to good luck.