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Benefits of Black Sesame – Kala Til – Offering in Hindu Religion

Black Sesame (also known as Kala Til) is widely used in Hindu religion. It is an important offering to Shani Bhagavan. It is an essential part of death ceremony including Shradh and Tarpan. Here are the benefits of Black sesame offering in Hinduism.

Black sesame offering is the ideal solution to please Shani Bhagavan as per all Hindu scriptures. It can offered in numerous ways.

Feed crow using cooked rice mixed with black sesame. This will help in keeping out the ill effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosh. Shani Bhagavan will be pleased by this. Ancestors will also be pleased and bless the person performing the deed. It is also helps in keeping out unpleasant incidents in life. It will help in weakening of enemies.

For peace and prosperity in life, put some black till in water and offer it to Shiva during the Pradosh period – just before sunset. Chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya ( नम: शिवाय) while making the offering. After offering the water, put some white flowers and bilva leaves on the Shivling. There will be good health and happiness in life.

Put some black til in a river on every Saturday. This will help in lessening the troubles due to bad positioning of Shani in horoscope. It is also an ideal solution to Sade Sati problems.

Put some black sesame in 50 ml of milk and add water to it. Take this to a peepal tree and go around it seven times. Pour the black sesame below the peepal tree. This should be done on a Saturday. This will help in ending bad time in life. There will be positivity and good luck.

Donating food made using black sesame or just black sesame itself will help in alleviating problems due to Rahu, Ketu, and Shani in janam kundli (horoscope). This is also an ideal solution to Kaal Sarpa Yog, Sade Sati and Pitru Dosh.

Make sweet using black sesame and donate it solve financial problems.