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Beauty Spot On Nose - Til Or Mole On Nose Meaning And Importance

Beauty spot or til on nose is not interrupted as bad in Hinduism. It is neither good. The position of beauty spot or mole, locally known as til, has specific meaning to certain Hindu communities. It is also only given importance in certain regions.

The person with til on nose will be continuously traveling. This can be interrupted as the person will get a job which demands constant travel. It can also mean that the person will not be able to stay in a place for very long time.

Another very weird belief is that the person with til on nose will have too much interest in sex related matters.

It must be remembered that the use of beauty spot to determine future etc is not followed by majority of Hindus. It is limited to certain communities and regions.

There are also no references in Hindu scriptures which talk about the importance of beauty spot.

It would be wise if you do not follow such things and concentrate on your studies and career.