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Story of Lakshman and Atikaya - Son Of Ravana - In Ramayana

Atikaya, son of Ravana, was huge like Kumbhakarna. It was Lakshman who defeated Atikaya in the Ramayana. The story of Atikaya fighting Lakshmana is found in the Yuddha Kanda of Ramayana. Atikaya’s mother was Dhanyamalini, one of the wives of Ravana.

Atikaya was huge as a mountain and his eyes were yellowish-brown. His chariot was large and there were fierce weapons in it – both the chariot and weapons were given to him by Brahma. He was conversant in all weapons. He had defeated the Devas in the battle.

Atikaya brushed aside the Vanaras in the battle and headed towards Rama and Lakshman. He proclaimed that he did not want to fight against ordinary warriors and wanted to fight only with Rama or Lakshman.

Lakshman went to fight with Atikaya. The battle was fierce and both warriors were injured. When Lakshman attacked with arrows presided by Agni; Atikaya replied to them with Suryastra. Both continued to nullify each others arrows.

When it seemed there was no end to the fight, Vayu, wind god, came near Lakshman and told him that Atikaya is immune to all arrows except the Brahmastra.

Lakshman then used the Brahmastra against Atikaya. The demon tried to defend against Brahmastra but he was powerless and was killed by the arrow.