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Story of Devasena Wife Of Murugan - Some Interesting Facts

Devasena is the wife of Kartik or Murugan, who is the commander of the army of Devas and who is also the son of Shiva. Story of Devasena is found in the Mahabharata. She is also known as Jayanti and Devayani.

Devasena was the daughter of Prajapati. She along with her sister Daityasena was captured by demon King Keshin.

Daityasena agreed to become part of the designs of the demon king. But Devasena did not relent.

She was rescued by King Indra and protected as she was daughter of his mother’s sister.

Indra then found her a suitable and powerful husband in Kartik.

It must be noted that in some Puranas, Devasena is mentioned as the daughter of Indra. It is believed that marriage took place at Thiruparankundram.

Some interesting facts about Devasena

  • She is called Devayani because she was brought up y Indra's divine elephant Airavata. Devayani means 'divine elephant.'
  • In North India, Kartikeya is a celibate.
  • The story of Devasena is part of Mahabharata and Skanda Purana.
  • As per Tamil Version of Skanda Purana, Devasena was the daughter of Lord Vishnu in her previous birth. 
  • The relationship of Devasena with Valli, the other wife of Muruga, is an important theme in folk stories.
  • Paripatal - part of Tamil Sangam literature - has numerous stories of the clash between Devasena and Valli.
  • Devasena is generally depicted with the Senapati form of Murugan. She sits on the left thigh of the six-headed or twelve-armed Murugan.
  • Symbolically Devasena represents the ideal traditional marriage followed by society.
  • She is also the symbol of kriya shakti (power of action).
  • Some scholars are of the view that Devasena represent Vaishnava ideal and Murugan marry her helps in achieving peace between Vaishnavism and Shaivism