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Sage Vashishta Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Sage Vashishta.

If you take your success too seriously, you get entangled and fail to use the objects of your success as a means for the next level of achievement-the spiritual. Thus, right from the beginning of your worldly endeavors, desist from the cravings of the senses and maintain awareness that although the worldly objects provide some degree of comfort, ultimately, they are worthless.

Sage Vashishta on How to get or have constant Peace on Mind

Mind is the greatest of all mysteries. It stands between an individual and the highest truth and is the cause of both bondage and liberation.

Properly trained, mind can help you attain enlightenment, but if misguided, it can leave you stranded on the shoals of confusion and bondage.

Peace is created by the mind.

First, make the decision to be content in any circumstance. From that womb of contentment, peace is born.

It is foolish to expect to achieve peace by retiring into the deep forest or leaving for a distant galaxy. Ultimately, one must find peace within.

Sage Vasishta Teachings on Peace

Make yourself simple. Learn to be quiet rather than hyperactive. Do not mistake peace for an object that you attain. Rather, understand that peace is a mental state. That mental state is always present. However, mind, through your own self-created noise you disturb that state of stillness, which is called peace. Only you yourself can remove that disturbance.