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Religious Significance Of Donating Lamps To Hindu Temples

There is a tradition of donating lamps to temples in South India. Lamps made of both stone and metal are donated to Hindu temples. Lamps are usually donated as offerings to the main murti or god in the temple. Many times it is also done as part of redemption of sins.

In some cases lamps are donated in memory of deceased ancestors or relatives. Sometimes as thanksgiving for desire fulfilled and also to commemorate a particular event in family or personal life.

Hindus donate lamp for early cure for illness and also for good health.
The Hindu reports 
Donors frequently had their spouses’ imaged cast as a lamp as well – the Annur Maheshwara temple has an inscription that records the gift of servants to the temple by a resident of kavaiyanputtur, who also presented a metallic statue of himself and (his wife) and gold for a twilight lamp. 
If made of stone, the lamp was gouged out in the top from a pillar of granite. The height of the pillar varied with the wealth of the sponsor. The gift of a lamp would always come with a gift of cash – coins or land or livestock that would ensure the temple had an income to light the lamp “in perpetuity”.