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Rajasuya Sacrifice – Meaning – Information About Rajasuya Yagna

Rajasuya sacrifice is a yagna associated with Hindu religion and it is performed by a King to attain moksha or liberation. One of the most popular Rajasuya Yaga was performed by King Yudhisthira in Mahabharata. The main offering in this yajna is the juice of the plant soma.

The sacrifice is mentioned in Taittiriya Samhita, Taittiriya Brahmana and in Kalpa Sutras. It takes around three years to complete the Rajasuya Yaga.

A single Rajasuya Yaga consists of several soma yajnas, pashu yajnas and ishti (oblation of butter and fruits etc). The four months stay in a place is also part of the sacrifice.

The five important aspects of the yajna are Pavitra Soma Yajna, Abhishchaniya Soma Yajna (which also includes Dasapeya), Keshava Paniya Soma Yajna, Vyusi Dwirara Soma Yajna and Kshatrasya Dhriti Soma Yajna.

The Rajasuya Yajna performer goes around in a chariot in ceremonial procession and he is addressed as Thou art a Brahmin – four times. A game of dice is also organized during the yajna.

Apart from this there are numerous minor yagas that are part of the main sacrifice.