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Matangi Mantra – Sadhana

Maa Matangi is associated with speech and music. Goddess Matangi is 9th among the 10 Dasa Mahavidyas. Here is a look at Matangi mantra and sadhana.

Matangi Mantra

Ucchista Chandalini Sri Matangeswari
Sarvagyanavashamaka ri Swaha
उच्छिष्ठा चाण्डाली श्री मातंगेश्वरी 
सर्वज्ञानवशामकारि श्री स्वाहा 

This is known as Maha Mantra of Goddess Matangi.

Matangi Mantra Benefits

Benefits of chanting the mantra include peace and prosperity, good health and prosperity to mother, early cure to illness of mother, good for sportsperson and musicians. The sadhana and puja of Matangi is good for students and those looking to gain knowledge in various subjects.

Matangi Sadhana

  • She should be worshipped on the third day of the waxing phase of moon in a lunar calendar (shukla paksha tritiya).
  • Prayers should be offered early morning and after moonrise.
  • The prayers should be offered facing northeast.
  • The color associated with Goddess is red.
  • The Goddess should be mentally invoked on Palash or Mallika or Bilva leaves. The devotee should keep Bilva leaves or the flowers and worship it imagining it to be Goddess Matangi.
  • The goddess should be offered red chandan, dhoop, sindhoor, ghee diya (lamp) and red color sweet or fruit.
  • The mantra should be chanted 108 times and the count should be kept on a red sandalwood mala.
  • After puja all natural items should be put under a neem tree.