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Managing Fear – Suta Muni Talks to Mother Goddess Devi

Suta Muni asks —“Mother, from where does fear come? Where is it seated in me?”

Devi says —“If you have tamasic guna or the quality of inertia equivalent even to a grain of mustard, it generates a vibrational field of fear which is equivalent to the circumference of 1008 banyan trees within us. This tamasic quality is sitting in the region of your heart where your feelings are born.”

Suta Muni asks — “How do we know this mother?”

So, the divine mother says — “When somebody scares or startles you, doesn’t your heart begin to beat very fast with shock?”

So, where is fear? It is in our heart. After we come out of the shock, we let out a forceful sigh. Then the fear generated by the shock leaves our body through the sigh.

Devi tells Suta Muni—“If you do japa (chanting) with your right ring finger touching the region of your spiritual heart (two fingers width to the right of our chest centre), fear is pushed out. Remove fear. Don’t allow it to affect you. It kills your hope and confidence.”

Source - Extract from ‘The book of direct truths, subtle truths and the mystical truths of Devi Mahatmyam’ by Shri Shri Nimishananda