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God Is The Ultimate Unity Underlying All Variety

God is the ultimate unity underlying all variety.

The truly religious man sees behind the manifold diversities of the divine Unity, not in thought but in a more intense sense than the diversities themselves are seen.

God is not only Nature but something more, interpenetrating Nature.

‘As the one fire, having entered the world, manifests itself in every form, so the One, the inmost Soul of all beings, manifests Himself in every form and is yet more besides (Katha Upanishad, V.9).

To the man who has not realized God, conceptions of Him may appear unlike his experiences of Nature.

But to the man who realizes Him, He is not unnatural or supernatural but immanent in Nature. The whole of Nature assumes a different meaning to that man and he sees Nature in God and God in Nature. The theme of religion is no longer unnatural but a reality ever present in and bathing in celestial beauty and life every part of Nature.

Source Prabuddha Bharata May 1903