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Direction Of Safe As Per Vastu

Tijori or Alamari (the cupboard) in which the safe is placed is of great importance in Hindu religion. Direction of the safe according to vastu should be opening towards east or north or northeast. The direction of the safe as per vastu should never open towards south.
The safe should always be kept at height and not on the ground. Best option is to keep it on a stand made of wood or inside an Almari (cupboard).

The safe should not open towards window or door. This means money will never stay in the safe and there will be unexpected expenditure always.

The area around the safe should always be kept clean. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi goes away from unclean places.

The color of safe should never be deep red or green.

Keep the safe in south and let the safe open towards north. The safe can also be placed in southwest and west side.

The safe should never be kept without money. Keep a murti of Lakshmi and Ganesha or Vishnu always in it.

The safe should not have any glass parts. If there is any glass part in the safe cover it with a yellow color cloth.