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Swami Yogeshananda Quotes

Swami Yogeshananda is associated with the Ramakrishna Mission. This is a small collection of his quotes.

Is God really out in the sky or in the space between stars and planets and galaxies? Those are such great spaces, maybe it is kind of natural to think that that is where he might be. Of course, because he is everywhere, he must be up there too, but we in Vedanta do not care to think of him in such a gross way.

Suppose you think of it in this way: one vast ocean of Existence, each of us is a wave, every separate thing in the universe is a wave of that Ocean, and the Ocean is conscious. The waves are formed in the ocean, and after a little while sink back into it again. Such is our life. When you study science in school you will learn that everything is made of waves of energy – in us, through us, all around us, though we see only the play of that energy, not the raw energy itself. This is one way we think of God in Vedanta.