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Ravana Boon From Brahma – Lesson – Never Underestimate Any Living Being

To attain immortality boon from Brahma, Ravana performed intense penance. The story of the boon has an important lesson – never underestimate any living.

Demons are always tormented by fear of death and fear of losing their position and possessions. They are under the influence of ignorance. Ravana was no different and he performed intense penance of several years to attain immortality.

Brahma did not show any interest in the penance of Ravana.

Ravana who had 10 heads started chopping one head at a time. In order to get the attention Brahma, he chopped off nine of his heads as part of the severe penance.

Brahma appeared before Ravana when he was getting ready to sacrifice his only remaining head.

Pleased with Ravana’s intense austerities, Brahma offered Ravana a boon, in response to which Ravana asked for immortality.

It is the law of nature that which is born has to undergo transformation. No living can be immortal. Brahma therefore refused the boon.

Ravana then asked for invincibility and protection from all Devas (demigods), rakshasas and asuras (demons), heavenly spirits, serpents, beasts and animals.

But Ravana, however, did not include humans in his prayer. He underestimated the humans and thought he could easily defeat all the humans.

Lord Vishnu made use of this one vulnerability of Ravana to kill him. Vishnu appeared as Lord Ram. He suffered like a human being and killed Ravana in the battle.

We should not belittle or underestimate any living being.