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Pitru Paksha Mantra – Simple Pitru Paksha Mantra

Pitru Paksha is the period dedicated to dead forefathers. It is observed for 15 days starting from Ashwin Purnima to Amavasya. Here is a collection of simple Pitru Paksha Mantra to chant during the 15 days dedicated to dead ancestors.

Pitru Paksha Mantra

Sri Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara
श्री दिगंबरा दिगंबरा श्रीपाद वल्लभ दिगंबरा।


Om Dram Dattatreya Swaha
द्रां दत्तात्रेयाय स्वाहा।
  • You can chant any one of the mantra 108 times for 15 days of Pitru Paksha.
  • It is good to feed animals during the 15-day period.
  • Planting fruit bearing trees and taking care will help in solving many problems in life.
  • The mantra should be chanted in the morning after taking bath.