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Navashakti Jyothi and Nakshatra Deepa at Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore – Tamil Nadu

Navashakti Jyothi is a unique lamp at the famous Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore – Tamil Nadu. The temple is world famous for it is architecture and is located inside the Vellore fort. Attached to the Navashakti Jyothi is the Nakshatra Deepa.

Navashakti Jyothi Represents Nine Goddesses
The lamp is located in front of the Amman Shrine (Goddess Parvati) in the temple.  The lamp is round in shape. There is one big lamp in the center and there are eight small round lamps around it.
The specialty of the lamp is that it never extinguishes.

Nakshatra Deepa
Nakshatra Deepa is located just above the Navashakti Jyothi. This lamp has a diameter of 27 inches. Each inch represents the 27 nakshatras.