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Importance of Ganesh Puja in Afternoon – Benefits of Afternoon Puja of Ganesha

Performing puja of Ganesha in the afternoon helps in overcoming obstacles in life. It is believed that Ganesha appeared on earth in the afternoon and this is the main importance. As his birth took place during the afternoon performing puja and prayers during the period has special benefits.

When a devotee has the blessings of Ganesha, he will be able to achieve progress in life and overcome all obstacles including even the toughest problems in the horoscope.

Afternoon Ganesha Puja Mantra

श्री गणाधिपतयै नमः
Shree Ganaadipadaye Namah

Benefits of Afternoon Puja of Ganesha

  • It is an early solution to financial problems.
  • There will be relief in business and property related problems.
  • Those wishing to get promotion will have the wish fulfilled.
  • Various kinds of delays in life will be removed with the blessing of Ganesha.
  • All kinds of problems in horoscope will be nullified.

How to perform Ganesha Puja in the Afternoon?

  • Keep Ganesha murti in a proper place and start the puja by lighting a lamp using cow ghee with a single.
  • Next offer Sindhoor.
  • Light dhoop or agarbatti of natural flowers
  • Offer Durva grass or flowers
  • Offer a sweet. It is believed that those who offer Mokak to Ganesha will not have any bad thing happening in their life.
  • Chant the mantra श्री गणाधिपतयै नमः 108 times
  • If you are facing financial problems then offer, Shami leaves to Ganpati while doing the puja.
  • Those who wish to achieve early promotion, better luck and solution to business and property problems should chant the mantra इदं अक्षतम् ऊं गं गणपतये नमः 108 times.
  • Chanting Ganpati Atharvashirsha after puja is highly beneficial.