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Forms Of Shiva — Bhoga, Yoga And Vega

What form does Lord Siva take? The answer is that He is formless, but He takes the form of a Linga, and also has a form such as we see in murtis.

In addition, His forms are known by three names — bhoga, yoga and vega.

In bhoga form, He is seen with His consort. An example would be the Somaskanda form where Lord Subrahmanya is also seen with the Divine Couple. So in this form, Lord Siva is a family ‘man.’

In the yoga form, He is seen in the pose of one engaged in penance. An example would be Dakshinamurthy.

Vega is the form of the Lord where He is terrible. The interpretation of ‘terrible’ here means that He is in a mood of anger, and in a mood to destroy. The forms of Bhairava and Veerabhadra are examples of this.

It is said that Lord Siva has 64 forms, and among these 25 are important. Chandesa Anugraha, Gajasamhara, Ardhanareeswara etc are some of these 25 important forms.

All these 25 fit under one of the 3 categories of bhoga, yoga and vega.

SourceDiscourse by K. Sambandan published in The Hindu