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Urad Dal in Hindu Astrology – Small Process in Hindu Oral Tradition

Urad Dal (उड़द दाल) is widely using in Hindu homes for cooking. It is also a favorite item in Hindu astrology and oral Hindu tradition to overcome problems in Janam Kundli (horoscope). The small process (totke) using urad dal helps in solving luck, job, money, and health-related problems as per oral tradition. Please note that these small processes are not found in scriptures associated with Hinduism. They are part of oral tradition and it has been followed for thousands of years.

For improvement of business – keep few grains of black urad dal in front of the shop, godown or other business establishments. In the evening, put this along with a kilo of urad dal and donate it to a poor family. This will help in overcoming all kinds of problems in business. There will be profit and increase in the volume of business.

Before going out on important work from like a new job, loan or other purposes and if you have a doubt regarding achieving success in the matter, then ask the elderly woman in the family to circle a hand full of black urad dal around the person. Later throw it an unused property.

To attain wealth, solve financial troubles, overcome debt and for peace and prosperity, take 2 black urad dal dip it in curd. Then sprinkle some kumkum on them. Keep it under a peepal tree. Do this for 21 Saturdays and then you will see a change of luck in life.

For an increase in business in a shop, on a Sunday take a handful of urad. Circle it seven times in front of the shop by chanting ‘Shri.’ Later sprinkle it on all four sides of the shop. On Monday, collect them using a feather of peacock and throw it in a 4-way junction. (Shri is Goddess Lakshmi, the belief is that all the bad luck and evil eye will be removed due to this process).

To solve debt and property related problems; on a Saturday keep a small amount of mustard oil under the bed. Use the oil next day to cook some food using black urad dal. Share it friends and family members.