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Swasti Mantra Benefits – Lyrics Of Swastik Mantra In English

Swasti Mantra, also known as Swastik Mantra, is an important mantra in Hinduism. The most important benefit of chanting Swasti Mantra is that it helps in desire fulfillment, ushers in auspiciousness, positivity and profit.

Swasti Mantra Lyrics Hindi

स्वस्ति इन्द्रो वृद्धश्रवाः।
स्वस्ति नः पूषा विश्ववेदाः।
स्वस्ति नस्तार्क्ष्यो अरिष्टनेमिः।
स्वस्ति नो बृहस्पतिर्दधातु
शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः

Om Swasti Na Indro Vrdhshrava
Swasti na pusha vishvaveda
Swasti nastakshoyo arishtnemi
Swasi nao Brihaspatirdatu
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

The mantra should be chanted during sunrise and during sunset.

The mantra can also be chanted in the beginning and end of any puja and worship at home.

It is auspicious and meritorious to chant the mantra while performing daily prayers at home.