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Sunday Puja In Shravan Month In Goa – Parts of Karnataka And Maharashtra

Special puja is organized by married women on Sundays in Shravan month especially in Goa, parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra. The puja is offered to Surya and Chandra. Various types of leaves and flowers are used in the puja. The puja is known in some regions as Aitar puja.

Rangoli patterns are made near the entrance of the house or near the Tulsi area or puja area.

Special type of food is prepared on all Sundays in the month.

The puja and ceremony concludes in the evening. The offerings are placed near a Tulsi plant.

The leaves and flowers collected for the occasion has medicinal properties.

The ritual is usually performed by people living in areas which have abundance of fish supply. The belief is that during peak monsoon season there is no fishing and people perform the rituals for a good harvest after rains and for the safety of their loved ones.