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Story of Revathi - Wife Of Balarama

Revathi is the wife of Balarama, the elder brother Krishna. There is an interesting story that narrates the marriage of Balaram and Revati. Revati was born when human beings on earth were of huge size. Reva, father of Revati, wanted the best groom for his daughter. For this purpose, both father and daughter went to Brahma, the creator. The journey, the meeting and the return journey took thousand years. It must be noted here that one human year is one day for the Devas.

Reva and Revati returned to earth and found that the earth has undergone sea change. Human beings were no longer of giant size. The father and daughter found themselves odd amongst human beings of shorter stature.

No man was ready to marry Revati. This made the father and daughter unhappy. The father and daughter moved away from civilization and started leading a rustic life. It is said that Revati used to wrestle with animals and drink large amount of wine.

Balarama too was a huge figure and he was also not happy to marry any ordinary woman. He was also on the look out for a woman who could match his strength and figure.

Balarama once happened to see Revati and he was impressed by her height and strength. She was a match to the rustic Balaram.

They both decided to get married. There are stories of Balaram and Revati competing each other before marriage in some stories.