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Story Of Arjuna And Urvashi

Urvashi was one of the Apsaras in the celestial world. It was common for her to visit earth and fall in love with men. On one such visit she fell in love with Pururava, a king of the Kuru clan. The story of Arjuna, one of the Pandavas, and Apsara Urvashi begins here.

After years of courtship, Urvashi left Pururava and went back to the celestial world.

Years later Urvashi again visited earth and saw a handsome young man in Amravati. The man reminded her of his former love Pururava.

Urvashi approached the young man with desire to make love. But surprisingly she was turned away. This had never happened before. This hurt her false pride and ego.

An angry Urvashi wanted know the reason why a human being rejected an apsara like her.

The young man introduced himself and told her that he was Arjuna, the Pandava, and was a descendent of Pururava. This made her a motherly figure. She is also a beloved of Indra (it is believed that Indra is the father of Arjuna). Thus morality did not allow Arjuna to make love to her.

Urvashi tried to reason that apsaras is not bound by human relationships and human morality does not apply to them. So she again invited Arjuna to make love with her.

Arjuna refused and this embarrassed Urvashi.

She lost her temper and cursed Arjuna to become a eunuch.

Indra who came to know about the curse modified it – that Arjuna will only be eunuch for a year. This curse was used by Arjuna during the final year of exile in the Mahabharata.