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Record Book Of Sri Ram With Name Of His Devotees - Whose Name Is First

Once a devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ram wanted to know who is the greatest devotee of Lord Sri Ram. During a satsang, the devotee put the question before Hanuman. Now everyone knows that Hanuman is the greatest devotee of Sri Ram but Hanuman did not want to glory himself. Therefore, he told the devotee about a big record book kept by Sri Ram having the name of his devotees.

The devotee ran to Sri Ram and asked if he could take a  look at the big record book having the name of his favorite devotees.

Without hesitation, Bhagavan agreed to show the big book.

The devotee scanned the book in detail and soon found his name in it and was extremely happy.

But soon he realized that the name of Hanuman was not in the list in the book. So he read the names in the book repeatedly. But the name of Hanuman was not there in it.

The devotee returned to Hanuman and told that his name was in the book but he could not find the name of Hanuman in it.

The devotee wanted to know how Lord Ram’s record book did not contain the name of his greatest devotee, Hanuman.

He thought there was some mistake in the big book.

To console the devotee, Hanuman asked whether he checked the small book of Lord Ram.

The devotee told that he never knew about a small book.

So the devotee went back to Lord Ram and requested him to have access to the small book having names of devotees.

Lord Ram reached out to an inner pocket close to his heart and removed a small diary.

The first name in that book was of Hanuman.

To a puzzled devotee Lord Ram told that the big book contained name of his ardent devotees. While the small book contained the name of devotees that he always remembered.

What more can a devotee expect that the Lord Himself remembers him constantly.

That was the greatness and humility of Hanuman.

It was the result of unwavering and unfathomable bhakti of Hanuman.