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Special Puja For Business Success - Lakshmi Mantra For Business

This is a powerful Lakshmi mantra for business. It is beneficial for those who are facing losses in business. It is good for making good profit. A special puja process is also given below to help those who are suffering losses.

Lakshmi Mantra For Business

ह्रीं श्रीं श्रियै फट्।।

Special Puja For Business Success

  • The mantra should be chanted daily morning.
  • After taking bath, offer prayers to Ganesha in mind.
  • Then wear yellow color clothes and sit facing east.
  • Keep one conch (शंख), 5 gomati chakra (गोमती चक्), and 5 shells (कौड़ी), in front of you.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times.
  • Perform the puja for 7 days by starting on a Friday. The next Friday after puja take the shankh, gomati chakra and shells and keep in the business place.
  • You will see positive change in fortune very soon.