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Salt Uses in Vastu – Hinduism

There is a widespread belief among many Hindus that a pinch of salt can solve many problems in life especially those associated with Vastu. Please note that such beliefs are based on oral tradition in a particular region and are not based on any scriptures associated with Hinduism.

Majority of such small process using salt is to change bad luck, to get more money and to solve financial problems.

Take a glass bowl and put salt crystal (not the powder salt) but sea salt, which has big pieces. Put unbroken clove along with it. Keep it in a safe place in the house. Keep changing the salt when it changes color. This will help in solving all financial problems in the house. Such house will never be afflicted with poverty. Peace and prosperity will return to the house.

This small process will spread a good fragrance at home. It will flush out all kinds of negative energy.
It is also believed that this helps in keeping out harmful germs and thereby all kinds of diseases will keep away from home. People residing in the home will be healthy.

Such small process are based on the belief that negative forces are causing problems in life and the best option is to drive those forces out.

All problems caused by Rahu and Ketu will be solved as result of keeping clove and salt crystals in a glass bowl.

Keeping salt in a crystal bowl in bathroom is also considered highly beneficial. It should be kept away from the hands of children. The salt should be changed every week.