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Garga Samhita – Hindu Scripture Dedicated to Lord Krishna

Garga Samhita in ten chapters narrates the story of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Balarama. It also gives details about Krishna worship. Garga Samhita contains many stories of Krishna that is not found in other Puranas, Mahabharata and Harivamsa. The scripture gives prominence to Radha and her relationship with Krishna. Radha who is a very popular character in folk stories associated with Krishna is ignored in Srimad Bhagavad Purana. But Garga Samita have dedicated chapters to the relationship.

Garga Rishi, who was one of the Gurus of Krishna and Balaram, is the one who narrates and engages both the brothers in conversation.

Garga Samhita begins with the description of the greatness of Krishna.

The beginning of the text contains episodes like:
  • Geography and greatness of Gokula
  • Kamsa’s wealth and arrogance
  • Birth of the cowherdess Radha
  • Marriage of Vasudeva with Devaki
  • Birth of Balrama and Sri Krishna
  • Popular childhood sports and divine events in the life of Krishna
  • Marriage of Radha.
Garga Samhita then moves towards the leelas or divine play of Krishna and narrates the killing of various demons including Baka and Dhenuka.

There is a detailed narration of the defeat of Kaliya serpent and rescuing Ganga from the poison of Kaliya.

The text then concentrates on the famous Raslila episode.

The lifting of Govardhan hill by Krishna is narrated and the significance of it is explained.

Next there is a digression, with description and greatness of pilgrim centers like Ayodhya, Mathura, Dwaraka, Chakrateertha, Sankhodhhara, Prabhasa and Siddhashrama.

The text then have episodes dedicated to the divine relationship of Radha and Krishna. A chapter is dedicated to the marriage of Krishna with Rukmini and other princesses including Satyabhama.

There is a chapter dedicated to the victory march of Pradyumna, son of Sri Krishna, to the different parts of the world.

Hymns containing thousands names of Yamuna and Balarama are part of Garga Samhita.

The greatness of Krishna Bhakti and of a devotee of Krishna, the importance of the consecration of temples, the nature of Brahman and other devotional aspects are part of the scripture.

Garga Samhita concludes with the description of the Ashwamedha Yajna or horse ritual performed in ancient Hindu world.