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Gangai Amman Temple Gudiyatham in Tamil Nadu

Gangai Amman Temple at Gudiyatham is a very popular shrine dedicated to Goddess Gangai Amman. The temple is located on the Koundinya Mahanadi River, which is believed to be River Ganga itself. Even though the temple has the name Gangai Amman, the temple is more popularly associated with Goddess Renuka Devi. Gangai Amman Thiruvizha observed on the first day of Vaikasi month attracts thousands of devotees.

Legend has it that Sage Koundinya performed austerities at the temple spot to cleanse all his sins. Please with his austerities River Ganga flowed through the place cleansing all the sins of the sage.

The temple has shrines dedicated to Goddess Renuka Devi, Sage Koundinya, Ganga Devi and Ganesha.

Gudiyatham Gangai Amman Temple is today famous for the Sirasu festival associated with the Renuka Devi legend which is observed on the first day of Vaigasi Month (May 15/16). A freshly prepare head of the murti is carried on to the temple from around 3 km away by a washer man family. The 3 km stretch is filled with devotees who make offerings of coconut etc. It is estimated than nearly half a million people gather to witness the event.

Gudiyatham is located around 32 km from Vellore.