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Brihaspativar Puja – Solution to Wife Husband Fight in Hindu Astrology –– Thursday Prayers and Rituals

If you believe and follow Hindu astrology, then a solution to wife husband fight is to perform certain pujas and prayers on Thursday (Brihaspativar). There is a popular belief among Hindus that fights in the family are due to the bad positioning of planets (navgrahas) in horoscope or janam kundali.
  • Make Besan Laddoo on Thursday, then offer it to Brihaspati (Jupiter or Guru), and then distribute them among poor people. Brihaspati is one among the Navgrahas or nine planets.
  • Soak Chanda Dal (chickpea) on Wednesday night and on Thursday feed it to a cow.
  • Kesar tilak should be worn on navel, forehead and head on Brihaspativar (Thursday).
  • Drink milk mixed with Kesar. Eat yellow colour food on the day.
  • Keep fresh white flowers in the bedroom daily. Keeping photos and paintings of white flowers is helpful.
  • Distribute Sindhoor to married women.
  • Offer a coconut and few badams in a Vishnu Temple on Thursday. This will help in avoiding troubles. It will help in starting stopped projects. It will also help in solving financial and career problems.
  • Plant a banana tree (plantain) and take care of it.
  • Offer banana in a Vishnu temple and donate bananas to children.
  • Giving bananas to cow on the day is also helpful.
  • The person doing donation of bananas should not eat them on the day.
  • Wearing yellow color dress on Thursday is beneficial. 
Please note that such processes are part of Hindu tradition in many regions of India. These are not found in any Hindu scriptures. They are part of oral tradition and have been followed for thousands of years. No on knows about their origin. Some of them are effective so people continue to follow them.