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Arjuna Syndrome is Rampant Today and Only Cure is Lord Krishna Cure

This article is an edited version of an article titled Arjuna Syndrome and Lord Krishna Cure written by Dr. Subhas K. Kakhandki in Suguna Digest July – September 2004 issue page 13 – 15.

We all know that Arjuna developed acute mental depression in the war field of Kurukshetra as soon as he saw elders and esteemed teachers and relatives even before the war had begun.

He loses all his self-confidence, self-esteem, forgets all the evil events of the past and decides not to fight the war, and he declares it before Lord Krishna, his Sarathi (Na Akankshe Vijayam Krishna, Nacha Rajyam Sukhanicha). He is not sure of anything and he is very confused.

This type of mental depression is quite common to all of us but we do not get a cosmic physician like Lord Krishna.

That is why it is ‘Vishada Yoga’ and not mere ‘Vishada’.

Gita the ‘song celestial’ as Adwin Arnold describes, from which Mahatma Gandhi was highly impressed is known to have curative and healing powers.

 ‘When disappointment stares me I go back to Gita and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of tragedies. Gita has the cosmic healing properties’, Mahatma observed.

This book knows no boundaries. The best of the people of our country have all found a friend, philosopher and a guide and a doctor in Gita. Truth is one and all the roads lead only to Gita and ultimately end in Holy Gita.

Gita deals with basic problems of life like, ignorance, sorrow and death. It diagnoses them properly and treats them all with hundred percent good results. Most of the psychosomatic diseases are due to hatred, anger, and fear. The standard treatment for them as told by Lord Krishna is ‘Anasakta Yoga’ (detachment) and ‘Meditation’.

The cosmic message and sound of Gita frees the mind of tension and anxieties. But faith plays the vital role. Study ‘Adhyatma Vidya’ (proper understanding of self) and receive awards of ‘Paramshanti’ (eternal peace), Krishna observes. Gita embraces, every faith, every religion and every human being of this world.

Gita is translated into all the languages of the world. It has the universal appeal and universal healing touch. Knowledge, self-control, peace, all comes from Gita with the blessings of Gitacharya (Sri Krishna).

Each soul is potentially divine and kindle the fire with the study of ‘Gita’, Vivekananda said. These days, when the consultation fees of doctors are very high Lord Krishna charges no fees.

‘Patram’, ‘Pushpam’, ‘Phalam’, ‘Toyam’ is all that he desires, but of course with love and bhakti.

Death the biggest nightmare of everybody is no problem of worry for Lord Krishna. Death is the change of form and not the symbol of soul destruction. It is ‘Denatara Praapti’ and should not be the cause for worry. Soul changes its garments and clothes on and often and leaves one body and acquires another. Soul knows no death. It is Anaadi, Achala, Sanathana and defies destruction.

Attachment with objects and with people is the cause of all the problems. ‘Abhimana Tyaaga’ is the answer for all these problems.

Anger comes from delusion and from delusion loss of memory and loss of intelligence, leading to self destruction (‘buddhinaasha pranashyati’). The treatment is to take full refuge in and complete surrender unconditionally to almighty (‘Sarvadharmaanparityaajya Maamekam, Sharanam Vraja’).

But Lord Krishna knows our problems very well. Control of minds is very difficult, but not at all impossible. ‘Abhyasa’ (constant practice) and ‘Vairagya’ (detachment) and meditating ‘Omkara’ (concentrating on Om) is the key to all the problems of mind control.

‘Lord Krishna’ describes his qualifications. I am the Atma, I am Paramatma. I am the God and I am the Lord, I am Rama, among the kings and Soma amidst the celestial drinks. I am all pervading throughout the entire universe and it is my Tejaansha if there is something extradionary. So, come to me leaving everything, Lord Krishna invites.

About the food, Krishna advocates Sathvic food, which keeps us far away from diseases.
So, in conclusion Gita is the light, Gita is the might, Gita is the concentration, Gita is the dexterity and equanimity. Gita is the real friend ‘Shuruth’, philosopher, guide and reliable cosmic doctor. The blessings of Lord Krishna free us from all bondages. Certainly, Holy Geeta is ‘song celestial’.

Dr. Subhas K. Kakhandki