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Why Hindu Widows Wear White Dress?

There is a belief that all Hindu widows wear white dress. But this is not the real fact. Not all Hindu widows wear white dress. This is limited to a few Hindu communities.  White dress is a symbol suggesting that the woman is no longer interested in the materialistic world. She lost colors, good things and all happiness in life with the death of her husband. But today many Hindu widows are not ready to put on this symbol and opt for remarriage and also lead a healthy and happy life by earning on their own.

White dress for Hindu widows is a symbol of the past for many modern Hindu women. But this is not the case with women who have no financial independence. Widows who are forced to depend on parents and in-laws are forced to wear the white dress and forgo all happiness in life.

Hindu society needs to wake up to color the dress of the widows. The only way we can achieve this is by setting up institutions that will provide independent financial opportunities to Hindu widows.