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Swami Akhandananda Teachings

Swami Akhandananda - Direct Disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. This is a collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Akhandananda.

There is no happiness here, no peace. How can there be? This is not our place – this narrowness, selfishness. We want freedom from all these. That is real happiness that is real satisfaction.

To attain liberation and knowledge, even the gods have to be born in human form.

Now I see God living in all human beings, and I have realized that the service to man is service to God. God, as it were, is whispering in my ears, - Verily these human beings are the Vedic sages; they are divine incarnations like Rama and Krishna - they are everything.

The more you think of others as yourself, the more loving your heart becomes, and the more is Self-knowledge revealed.

He who meditates well attains power to work more efficiently. He is never tired, because his energy is not misspent in any way – he is never annoyed or worried.

Compassion is the root of all virtue and happiness and it is from compassion that the spiritual ideas begin to grow.

Always be calm, go on working without any fatigue. This the test: whether the mind is working properly or not, can be understood from this.

Weep and pray! How piteously men cry for their children and wives! But how few cry for the Lord?

Spiritual life is not possible with an empty stomach, so real ‘religion’ in a country of chronic hunger is feeding the poor; then comes education and medical service.

Constant remembrance of God and unlimited reliance upon Him under all circumstances is Sadhana.

Is it easy to realize the self? Incarnations (Avatars) of God are God Himself, yet they themselves have to struggle so much, not to speak of others.

The divine soul is sleeping in everyone. It is to be roused. Everyone is always trying to express that Self.

When the Self is realized, you will feel its presence everywhere. This is Siddhi. The goal is to reach this state. Everybody must get back this realization, because it is our real nature.