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Shravan Somvar Mantra – Powerful Shravan Somvar Shiv Mantra

Shravan Somvar is the Mondays in Shravan month in Hindu calendar. The entire month is dedicated to Shiva, especially Mondays. This powerful Shravan somvar mantra will help in fulfillment of desires. You need to chant the Shravan Somvar Shiv Mantra 108 times and the count should be kept on a rudraksha mala.

Shravan Somvar Mantra

Roopam Dehi Jayam Dehi Baghyam Dehi Maheshwaram
Putranam Dehi Dhanam Dehi Sarvnkamashcha dehi Me

रूपं देहि जयं देहि भाग्यं देहि महेश्वर:
पुत्रान् देहि धनं देहि सर्वान्कामांश्च देहि मे।।

How To Chant Shravan Somvar Shiv Mantra

  • Wake up early on Monday before sunrise and take bath.
  • Offer prayers to Ganesha in mind and wear white color clothes.
  • Sit facing north or northeast and perform a simple Shiv puja.
  • Offer lamp using pure cow ghee, gandh (fragrance), bilva leaves, bhasma and white color sweet.
  • Chant the mantra 108 times. Keep count on a Rudraksha Mala.

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