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Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja Vidhi – Mantra – How to Perform Panchamukhi Hanuman Puja?

Panchmukhi Hanuman is Hanuman with five faces – Varaha, Narasimha, Hanuman, Garuda and Hayagriva. This form of Hanuman Ji is worshipped for achieving mental and physical strength and to overcome all kinds of enemies in life. Below is Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja Vidhi or procedure along with mantra. This is a simple guide on how to perform Panchamukhi Hanuman puja and is ideal for performing it at home.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja

हरि मर्कट मर्कटाय स्वाहा
Om Hari Markad Markadaya Swaha

When to Perform Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja?

The ideal day to perform the puja:
  • Tuesday
  • Dasami Tithi – the tenth day of the waning or waxing phase of moon. Tenth day after full moon (purnima) or no moon day (Amavasya) in any month.
  • Yet another option is when there is Shravan or Sravana or Thiruonam Nakshatra in a lunar month.
  • The puja becomes doubly auspicious when there is a rare combination of Shravan and Dasami Tithi.

Benefits of Performing Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja

  • The puja and prayer helps in defeating all kinds of external and internal enemies. Anger, lust, ego, ignorance, hatred…etc can be overcome by the prayer.
  • To remove various difficulties in life.
  • For long life, strength and to become famous.
  • To overcome fear and unwanted thoughts.
  • Good in achieving peaceful sleep.
  • For desire fulfillment.

Simple Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja Vidhi

  • The puja should be performed early morning after sunrise or during the pradosh period (1.5 hours before sunset).
  • The murti (picture, photo or painting) of Panchmukhi Hanuman should be placed on the south side of the house on a red color cloth.
  • The puja should be performed facing south.
  • The person performing puja should wear red color clothes.
  • Take a kalash fill it with water and put some red color flowers and sindhoor in it. Close the kalash with a coconut and mango leaves. Keep this near the picture or sculpture or painting of Panchmukhi Hanuman. Smear the Kalash with Sindhoor
  • A copper lamp should be lit using mustard oil. One wick is preferred.
  • Dhoop or Agarbatti should be of red color flower.
  • Red color flowers should be offered.
  • Offer Sindhooor.
  • Apply tilak using red sandalwood paste.
  • Prepare Prasad or bhog (food) using jaggery. It should be later shared with family members and children. If not possible, then offer any seasonal fruit.
  • The mantra  हरि मर्कट मर्कटाय स्वाहा should be chanted 108 times. The count should be kept on a red chandan mala.
  • The water in the kalash and items in it should be deposited under a peepal tree.

Special Offering and Pujas to Panchmukhi Hanuman

  • For good health and mental peace, offer pure honey to Panchmukhi Hanuman during the puja. Take a small spoon full of this daily in the morning.
  • For performing well in exams and interview, chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily early morning before sunrise. Start studying immediately after chanting the mantra.
  • For financial solutions, write Ramdhan (रामधन) using Sindhoor offered to Panchmukhi Hanuman in the locker, where you keep money regularly, or in shop and business establishments. This process will also help in solving debt issues.
  • For improvement in career and profession, smear a white cloth with sindhoor and keep it in pocket or bag or in the table in which you work regularly.
  • For change of luck; and to win lottery or games, offer red thread during puja. Smear it with sindhoor and lal chandan. Tie it on the right hand.
  • For solving marriage related problems, husband and spouse should visit a Hanuman temple atop a hill together and offer jaggery. This should be done only by husband and wife other family members or relatives or friends should not go with the couple. On returning, feed jaggery to cows or monkeys.
  • Offer chameli oil (Jasmine oil) to Hanuman during puja. Apply this on hair and body parts for better physical appearance. This will also help in desire fulfillment related to love and romance.