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Mukti Naga Temple Kengeri – Ramohalli – Bangalore Mukti Naga Temple Timing

Mukti Naga Temple at Ramohalli Ramohalli in Bangalore is home to the biggest Naga Sculpture in the world. This snake or serpent murti is 16 feet high and is carved out of single rock. The naga murti weighs more than 36 tonne. The temple is located on the Bangalore – Mysore highway and is around 18 km from Bangalore. One should take right turn towards Big Banyan Tree road near Kengeri in Bangalore-Mysore Road to reach Mukti Naga temple.

Bangalore Mukti Naga Temple Timing

The shrine is open daily from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

History of Mukti Naga Temple

The present Mukti Naga Temple was built a few years ago. But the place was a center of Naga worship for hundreds of years.

The place was occupied then by Golla group and the worshipped a powerful serpent by the name of Nagappa or Junjappa. It is believed that there is a 100-year-old serpent living in the region and it has a length of more than 25 feet.

It is believed that the serpent protects the region from all kinds of invaders and negative forces.

Mukti Naga Temple Highlights

  • The temple also has a 21 feet high Subrahmanya Murti - it is known as Shakti Dhara Subrahmanya - the veil holding Subrahmanya.
  • There is a small powerful Adi Mukti Naga Murti in temple.
  • Mukti Naga Temple has numerous murtis of Nagas. Subramanya Swamy is worshipped here in four different forms.
  • Four stages of life of Subrahmanya Swami starting from childhood is worshipped here.
  • Subrahmanya Swami son of Shiva is associated with Nagas in Karnataka.
  • The main subsidiary deity in the temple is Renuka Yellamma and she is worshipped in front of the shrine.
  • The other subsidiary deities are Adi Mukta Naga, Pattallamma, Narasimha murthy and Siddhi Vinayaka.
  • The temple compound also has a 107 murtis of Nagas or snakes. The 108th murti is a five-headed huge naga murti.
  • It is believed that going around Siddhi Vinayaka 9 times and then offering prayers to Mukti Naga will help in alleviating all kinds of Naga doshas.
  • For finding solution to Naga doshas pujas like Nag Dosh Nivaran Puja, installing of small Naga murtis and Pradosha puja are performed.
  • There are anthills in the temple compound and it is believed that Nagas reside in them. If a person goes around the anthill nine times for ninety days then the desire of the person will be fulfilled.